Our Castle

Shared Vision

At Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary, we achieve excellence through unity, collaboration, and respect.

Restorative Justice Practices

At Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute, we implement restorative justice practices. We train our Dragon Leaders and empower them to use their discretion in terms of what this might look like in their classrooms. 

In this example, the focus is representation and its utmost importance among scholars of color to see leaders that look like them. 


Career Day 2020

On March 12, our scholars enjoyed learning from Austin Fire Department and Austin Police Department, among many other career professionals.



Last fall, scholars at Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute worked with Creative Action Associate Director of Community Engagement Fadeelah Muhyee and Campbell Elementary Site Coordinator Dawn Burnside to write and produce this catchy and engaging original song about bullying. Listen on Sound Cloud.



Digital Media Lab

Our scholars participate in creative instruction led by teaching artists from Creative Action. In the photo, Pre-K scholars explore books accompanied by Miles Davis' music.