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Creative Action

Creative Action After School engages students in fun, hands-on creative learning in filmmaking, music, puppetry, digital media, visual art, dance/movement, creative writing, and acting.

Creativity classes are led by our expert Teaching Artists, all while expanding the development of social and emotional skills needed to become Creative Artists, Courageous Allies, Critical Thinkers, and Confident Leaders.

After School runs every day of the AISD calendar from the end of the school day until 6 p.m. Financial aid is available.

For more information and to register, visit Creative Action's website.

El programa de Después de la escuela de Creative Action, atrae estudiantes en un divertido aprendizaje práctico de cine, música, títeres, medios digitales, artes plásticas, baile/movimiento, escritura creativa y actuación.

Las clases creativas son dirigidas por nuestros expertos Maestros Artistas, todo mientras apoyan y expanden el desarrollo social y habilidades emocionales necesarias para convertirse en artistas creativos, amigos valientes, pensadores críticos y grandes líderes.

El programa Después de la escuela funciona todos los días de calendario de AISD, desde que se termina el horario de clases hasta las 6 pm. Ayuda financiera disponible.

Para mas información y registro, visita el sitio de Creative Action.

Creative Learning Initiative

The Creative Learning Initiative is being implemented in a phased 10-year approach. This approach allows the district to provide training for approximately 1,500 teachers at 36 schools at a time before the schools transition to their own sustainability plans.

Each year a new vertical team is selected to participated through an application process. By 2022, over 6,000 teachers will be affecting the lives of AISD's 86,000 students through arts-based instructional strategies. 

Our Goal: 

  • Create arts‐rich schools for all students

  • Create a community network that supports and sustains the arts‐rich life of every child

  • Develop leaders and systems that support and sustain quality creative learning for the development of the whole child

  • Demonstrate measurable impacts on students, families, schools, and our community

Our Plan Features:

  • Professional development for educators

  • Dance and theatre specialists at elementary level

  • Campus arts audits and individualized plans

  • Increased community arts partnerships

  • Campus level community building events

  • District wide curriculum development

  • Identification and mapping of neighborhood arts opportunities

  • Inclusion in the City of Austin's Comprehensive 30-Year Plan

  • Professional development for artists and arts organizations

  • Assessment and evaluation

  • Resource development

  • Implementation

Social and Emotional Learning

Social and Emotional Learning is a process for helping children and adults develop fundamental skills for life effectiveness. SEL teaches the skills we all need to handle ourselves, our relationships, and our work effectively and ethically. 

These skills include:

  • recognizing and managing our emotions,

  • developing caring and concern for others,

  • establishing positive relationships,

  • making responsible decisions, and

  • handling challenging situations constructively and ethically.

Skills and concepts are integrated in academic lessons and practiced to enhance the climate of the school. Out-of-school time providers and parents reinforce SEL skills as well.